3D Printing

Every Hush Handboard is made from Polylactic Acid (PLA). PLA is a biodegradable thermoplastic made from renewable resources like corn starch or sugarcane. It is non-toxic and has a pleasant smell when printing.

Signature Design

Compact & Concave

The perfect combination.

Our small, light boards come with ample curve that really bites. This gives our boards control and enables you to pick your line without sacrificing any lift.




Designed with swimming in mind, our handplanes allow you to cut through the water. The light-weight construction increases agility and decreases fatigue, and the unique curvature creates more power per stroke.





Similar to what  the honeycomb shape does for bee hives, our proprietary internal geometric structure layering process creates an amazing strength to weight ratio.



 Made from the softest polyester webbing,

our fully adjustable strap will fit any size hand. The thinner profile reduces drag while swimming, while strong velcro still offers a comfortable and snug fit you can trust to stay secure.

The Fish Hush Handboards