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Signature Design

Similar to how an airplane wing generates lift our handboards compact curves have a precise angle that generates more lift on the face of the wave than other boards twice the size and triple the weight. Pick your line and stay barreled again and again!

Easy To Use

These handboards are great for all ages and all skill levels. The combination of durability, size, swimmability, and performance makes them easy, fun, and safe!
+ Plus they float +


Our hardboard engineers combined the lightest material with an advanced structural design that makes our boards strong even for the toughest shorebreak slams!



Designed with swimming in mind our handplanes unique curvature creates more power per stroke, allowing you to effortlessly bodysurf for hours. The lightweight and small-sized boards are easy on shoulders giving experienced and new bodysurfers healthier happier sessions!



Every Hush handboard is made of renewable resourced recyclable plastic. It has amazing strength you can be happy to have in the water!



 The fully adjustable strap will fit any sized hand. Made from the softest polyester webbing for ultimate comfort!