Hawaiian Wiki

Loved by bodysurfers and handboarders all over the world, the Hawaiian Wiki became an instant classic. Weighing in at just 3 ounces, the Hawaiian Wiki is one of the lightest and most comfortable boards available in the market. Experience our signature compact/concave design that gives you the grip you need to stay on even the steepest waves.

HushHandboards Signature Board Features:

  • Environmentally Sustainable 3D Printing
  • Compact & Concave Design
  • Superior Swimmability
  • Biomimic Strength
  • Adjustable Strap

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - All Hush Handboards are made from a renewable bioplastic. This plastic is recyclable and will not leave microplastics in the Ocean. It was a priority to ensure our handboards are eco-friendly, renewable, and recyclable.

PERFORMANCE - Countless hours of research and development went into the concave bottom and the shape of each of our designs in order to optimize lift and speed. Every board is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

ADJUSTABLE STRAP AND NO SLIP GRIP BOARD - Our hand-designed adjustable satin strap ensures the perfect fit for hands of all shapes and sizes, and the velcro ensures that your handboard stays secure even in the roughest conditions. Our printing design includes a built-in textured grip that gives you extra control and keeps the board in your hand even in large crashing swell. 

Hawaiian Wiki

Color: Fluorescent Green