Hawaiin Wiki
Hawaiian Wiki Bodysurfing Handboard/Handplane – Ultra Lightweight 4.3 Ounces, -Signature Compact Concave Design - Safe for Shoulders, Great for Swimming, - Features Mold Resistant, Extra Soft Satin Strap and No Slip Bodysurfing Textured Grip. Crafted from strong Environmentally Friendly Bioplastic. 	HAWAIIAN APPROVED BODYSURFING HAND PLANE / HANDBOARD – Loved by bodysurfers and hand boarders all over the world. Experience the signature compact concave design that gives you the grip you need to stay on any steep wave. The incredible compact size and sharp crisp rails of the Wiki handboard cut effortlessly through a punchy shorebreak and handles perfectly down a vertical takeoff. 	GUARANTEE We stand behind our handboards/Handplanes. We guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship - A perfect combination of lightness, strength and buoyancy all made in America. These boards will last year after year. 	ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY– The Wiki Handboard is made from a renewable bioplastic. It is recyclable and does not leave microplastics in the Ocean. It was a priority to ensure our handboards / handplanes are eco-friendly, renewable, and recyclable. 	PERFORMANCE- Countless hours of research and development went into the concave bottom of the Hawaiian Wiki to optimize lift and speed. You will feel the difference. It creates the same lift and speed on a wave as a board twice its size and weight. The Wiki is for the bodysurfer / handboarder looking to swim effortlessly, glide into barrels and go fast again and again. 	ADJUSTABLE STRAP AND NO SLIP GRIP BOARD – Fit the soft adjustable satin strap to your preferred snug. Instantly feel the Wiki handboard’s comfort and grip in the hand pocket. The built-in grip gives you extra control and keeps the board in your hand even in large crashing swell. After each bodysurfing session rest easy knowing the strap is water and mold resistant.

Hawaiin Wiki

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    "The Wiki handles like a champ. Been playing around with it all week. My surfing partner is frothing to get one."

    - Sean @captainsquinty

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